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Post-Hurricane Mosquito Guidance


Disclaimer – “This is for information purposes only and does not confer an endorsement of any product or company regarding mosquito control.”

Health Directors:

These are documents you may find useful as you respond to mosquitoes in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. This material has all been placed on WebEOC and has been available to local EM and preparedness coordinators, but we wanted to make sure that you have this material available. Here is an inventory of items.

AA911 Consolidated Guidance Document (pdf)

Inventory of attachments:

Description of DHHS vectorborne disease program – 1 – Vectoborne disease program – Post-Hurricane Role Summary (Word)

POC list for known county/local mosquito control programs in NC – 2 – NC Mosquito Program POC list – Florence 9-10-18 (Excel)

Landing rate count instructions – 3 – Hurricane Florence Landing Rate Instructions (Word)

How to record landing rate counts – 4 – Hurricane Florence Sample NC Mosquito LRC Form (Excel)

Mosquito surveillance data elements for Mosquito Net – 5 – MosquitoNET Data Form_v1.7.5 (2) (Excel)

Mosquito Net user guide (CDC document) – 6 – MosquitoNET User Guide (pdf)

Aerial pesticide applicators in NC with a NCDA Public Health certification-7 – Aerial Pesticide Applicators holding NC Public Health Certification _NCDA Pesticide Section (Excel)

Ground pesticide applicators in NC with a NCDA Public Health certification – 8 – Ground Pesticide Applicators holding NC Commercial and Public with Public Health_NCDA Pesticide Section (Excel)

Mosquito abatement fact sheet (provided by FEMA)-9- NC Mosquito Abatement Fact Sheet – revised 9-13-18 (pdf)

FEMA Public Assistance Policy Guide (provided by FEMA) – 10 – Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide V3.1_Mosquito Abatement (pdf)

How to make a map for adulticide application-11 – Suggested GIS layers for NC counties – truck or aerial ULV adulticiding (Word)

Post Hurricane flow of events to initiate abatement measures-12. Post Hurricane Mosquito Control flow of events v2 (Word)

Dare county NCDA exemption example letter 1-13. Letter from Edward Mann (pdf)

Dare county NCDA exemption example letter 2-14. Letter from VDCI (pdf)

15 -NCDA Aerial Exemption – example (pdf)

16 – Mosquito adulticides for aerial application NC Ag Chem Manual 2018 (pdf)

17- FAA Congested Area Emergency Exemption Letter – Template (Word)

18 – PrelimSprayAreas (zipped shapefile, open using GIS software)

19 – State to State Aerial Reciprocal Agreement (pdf)

20 – Aerial Contract blank (Adulticiding only) (Word)

21 - Surveillance Contract blank (Word)

22- EPA Naled Mosquitoes FAQ 6-14-17 (pdf)

23a - North Carolina FWS Interest (Wildlife Refuge) (zipped shapefile, open using GIS software)

23b - North Carolina FWS Avoid (Habitat) (zipped kml file, open using GIS software)

24 - NCDA Aquaculture Ponds 2018 (zipped kmz OR layer file, open using Google Earth/GIS software)

25- Checklist for NC counties – truck or aerial ULV adulticiding (Word)

26-BeaufortSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-BladenSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18 (pdf)

26-BrunswickSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18 (pdf)

26-CarteretSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-ColumbusSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-CravenSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-CumberlandSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-DuplinSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-GreeneSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-HarnettSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-HokeSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-HydeSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18 (pdf)

26-JohnstonSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-JonesSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-LeeSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-LenoirSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18 (pdf)

26-MontgomerySprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-MooreSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18 (pdf)

26-NewHanoverSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18 (pdf)

26-OnslowSprayAreasUpdated 10/04/18 (pdf)

26-PamlicoSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18 (pdf)

26-PenderSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-PittSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-RichmondSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18 (pdf)

26-RobesonSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-SampsonSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18 (pdf)

26-ScotlandSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-WayneSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

26-WilsonSprayAreas Updated 10/04/18(pdf)

27-NC FWS No Spray Area Maps (pdf)

28 – Beehive Organic and Specialty crop locations-2018-10-01-14-34 (zipped shapefile, open using GIS software)

29- Brunswick Sample AerialSpray_FullSchedule (pdf)

30 – Brunswick Sample 100218 Aerial Mosquito Spraying Update (Word)

31 - Link to NC Registered Insecticides

We want to draw your attention to #12 as a stepwise process to initiate mosquito abatement operations. In particular, if you wish to perform aerial application of adulticide for control of disease vectors or other pests of public health significance, a local health director must request to be exempted from NCDA&CS rules pertaining to agricultural aerial application of insecticide (this is where you include the 6 points of information previously referenced). Examples of letters used by Dare County in 2011 are attached for your reference as numbers 13 and 14.

These shapefiles that contain base layers of spray zones based on densely populated areas and threatened and endangered species. Each individual shape file will, however, need to be tailored to the unique needs of where you believe spraying will be appropriate. Attachment 11 contains suggested GIS layers for your map. As you plan for control operations please consider coordination with neighboring counties as this may achieve cost reduction.

Through this response we have greatly appreciated your patience as we have attempted to support you. This has been a complex response and will likely continue over the next few weeks. While there has been much focus on aerial application of insecticides, our history with hurricanes indicates that some, but not all, counties will pursue that as a control option. We want to and will provide support regardless of the control options you choose.