2015 Communicable Disease
Skills Development Conference

April 29 - May 1, 2015

Sheraton Downtown Raleigh, Raleigh, N.C.

The content of this training is intended to partially satisfy requirements for both Local Health Department Accreditation and selected Agreement Addenda. See "Credit" section below for more information.


Wake AHEC will provide 1.2 CEUs to participants upon completion of this activity. A participant must attend 100% of each day to receive credit. No partial CEU will be given.

Credit Allocation:

  • April 29, 2015 – 3.75 CME/3.75 CNE/3.75 Contact Hours/.4 CEU
  • April 30, 2015 – 5.0 CME/5.0 CNE/5.0 Contact Hours/.5 CEU
  • May 1, 2015 – 2.75 CME/2.75 CNE/2.75 Contact Hours/.3 CEU

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Conference handouts and printer-friendly versions of CD Branch presentations

  1. Conference Agenda (PDF)
  2. Conference Overview (PDF)
  3. North Carolina Public Health: The Mighty Oak and the Palm Tree (PDF)
  4. Ebola Response: Globally to Locally
    1. And then there was Ebola... (PDF)
    2. Ebola Passenger Monitoring Local Perspective (PDF)
    3. Ebola in the United States – Dallas, Texas 2014 (PDF)
    4. Ebola Preparedness – Senegal, January, 2015 (PDF)
    5. Laboratory Protocols in Ebola Context (PDF)
    6. Domestic Hospital Preparedness (PDF)
  5. How Do We Get To Know Our Community / Cultural Diversity
  6. Breakout Sessions Group I
    1. PANEL DISCUSSION: STD Update for North Carolina
      1. STD Update for North Carolina (PDF)
      2. Proposed changes to 2015 STD treatment guidelines (PDF)
    2. Healthcare Associated Infections / One and Only Campaign (PDF)
    3. Vectorborne Disease – Key Things to Know
      1. N.C. Chikungunya Update (PDF)
      2. Lyme Disease Surveillance in North Carolina 2008-2014 (PDF)
    4. Health Departments and the Military: Working Together
      1. Military ˜ Civilian Public Health Collaboration (PDF)
      2. Military and Local Public Health: Working Together (PDF)
  7. Breakout Sessions Group II
    1. Anti-Microbial Resistance (PDF)
    2. Foodborne Outbreak Session
      1. Recent Lessons Learned (PDF)
      2. Foodborne Labs (PDF)
      3. Interpretation of Foodborne Labs (PDF)
    3. Cultural Diversity: Working with HIV and STD Positive Patients / Risk Assessment
    4. Ask the State Public Health Veterinarian – Rabies "Booster" Training
      1. Exotic Animals: Rabies, Other Communicable Diseases & Ownership (PDF)
      2. Rabies Program Basics for Local Health Departments (PDF)
      3. Human Rabies: Pre-exposure Vaccination & Post-exposure Prophylaxis (PDF)
  8. Current Nursing Practice and Health Department Updates
  9. TATP Successes and What’s New in 2015
  10. Vaccine Preventable Disease: Pertussis Update (PDF)
  11. HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PDF)
  12. Outbreak Update (PDF)
  13. Syphilis 101: Outbreak, Treatment and Guidance (PDF)
  14. How to Handle Third Party Billing (PDF)
  15. How to Use CD Branch Reports and Information (PDF)
  16. Legionella Exposure Event Tabletop Exercise PART 1
    Legionella Exposure Event Tabletop Exercise PART 2
  17. Conference Summary (PDF)

Presentation handouts are posted to the website as they become available by the presenter.

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