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NEW! Online Webinar: Human Rabies Risk Assessments and Rabies Postexposure Management
Description: **Webcast** - This webinar will address the critical needs for training clinicians and other healthcare providers in the areas of human rabies risk assessments using Rabies ACIP guidance for Postexposure Management decisions and NC DHHS risk assessment algorithms, as well as the applicable legal requirements for rabies control.

2016 NASPHV Rabies Compendium

  • Wake AHEC Webinar Register Now External link
    Rabies Update 2017: 2016 NASPHV Compendium of Animal Rabies Prevention and Control Guidance on postexposure management control measures for dogs, cats and ferrets called. This training would benefit LHD directors, communicable disease nurses, North Carolina licensed veterinarians, and animal control officers.
  • NASPHV 2016 Rabies Compendium Documents: C. Animals That Have Been Exposed to Rabies

Rabies Legislation Updates

2017 Legislative Updates (See NC General Assembly External link website for bill updates)
Rabies Bills - An act that implements the recommendations and guidelines for rabies postexposure management of the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians regarding the management of dogs, cats and ferrets exposed to rabies.
SB 74: Sponsored by Senator J. Davis of Macon county, has passed the third reading (4/11/2017) and is now in the House (HB 546).
HB 546: Sponsored by Representative William O. Richardson of Cumberland county and introduced 3/30/2017 has passed the first reading and is referred to the Committee on Health (4/3/2017).

Certified Rabies Vaccinator Updates

Certified Rabies Vaccinator Training is now up and running! A fifth module, 2017: Rabies Updates has been added to the curriculum.  If you have any questions regarding Certified Rabies Vaccinator appointments or the training process, please contact Mr. Tom Rhyne at 919-733-3419 or by email.

Rabies Vaccines and Certificates:

Keep Rabies Vaccines Up to Date!

  • G.S. 130A-185 requires that dogs, cats and ferrets by four months of age shall be currently vaccinated against rabies; it is the owner’s legal responsibility.
  • G.S. 130A-189 requires that a rabies certificate (NASPHV Form #51) External link be completed in its entirety (all information) and legibly by the legal vaccinator (G.S. 130A-185), to include the vaccinator’s professional number: NC Veterinary license #, Veterinary Technician registration #, or Certified Rabies Vaccinator NC DHHS # (whichever is applicable).

Zoonotic Disease Updates

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Contact Information

919-733-3419 (24/7)

Public Health Veterinarians (Rabies, Zoonotic and Vector-borne diseases)
Dr. Carl Williams
919-546-1660 (O)
Dr. Marilyn Goss Haskell
919-546-1652 (O)
Program Manager (Rabies Tags, Health Certificates, Certified Rabies Vaccinator Program)
Thomas S. Rhyne, III
919-546-1653 (O)